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ABOUT Rimfire Sniper:

This match is based on the premise that the ballistics of a .308 Winchester round is nearly identical to the .22 Long Rifle round, at one quarter scale. Therefore all parts of this match are styled after a full-bore sniper match, just at 25%, using targets that are 1/4 sized, at 1/4 the range of the 800 yard typical range of the .308Win

This match is fired from the prone (or sitting, although not recommended) at unknown ranges out to 200 yards. The range to targets will be provided, upon request, if the shooter requires. There will be a total of ten targets scattered across the range, and each shooter will have two shots to strike the steel targets. First round hit is worth 10 points, second round is 5 points. Shooters will need their range 'dope,' or the bullet drop for that ammunition in their rifle from 50 - 200 yards (usually at 50 yard increments). Target Turrets can be a great help in adjusting for the range to the target, but many shooters have been successful without them. The bullet drop can vary greatly even from different brands of ammo in a particular rifle, due to velocity and bullet weight. Please verify the ammo you plan on using, and have it written down.

2018 Dates:

18AUG, 15 SEP

**13OCT Date has been changed to Rimfire Sporter**

What I Need to Shoot This Match:

-Rimfire rifle with scope (should be capable of 2MOA accuracy)

-YOUR range 'dope' from 50 thru 200 yards

-Bipod and/or back bag recommended

-Shooting mat recommended

-$10 Match Fee

- Practice all gun safety rules.
- No Exploding Targets.
- Eye & ear protection required.
- No alcohol on ranges while any

  shooting is in progress.
- Being under the influence of drugs of

  alcohol while shooting is prohibited.
- All ranges are closed to other

  shooters while an organized shooting 

  event is in progress.
- Clean up all brass/casings and 

  targets.  Leave the range as clean or 

  cleaner than you found it.
- Only members can use the ranges.  

  Guest(s) may accompany a member 

  to the range only once.  After that one

  time, guest(s) must become a member.
- Handguns only on the pistol range.
- Proof of membership is required when 

  using any of the ranges.
Violation of Rules

Any unsafe practices or any violation of club rules will be brought before the club’s officers, directors and/or membership for disciplinary action.


F-Type Target

5" X 4.75"

E-Type Target

10" X 4.75"


8355 Hudson Road,  Springwater, NY, United States

Rimfire Sniper