Summer Trap League Shoot Off Shoot (2023):

ATA League (2023):

- Practice all gun safety rules.
- No Exploding Targets.
- Eye & ear protection required.
- No alcohol on ranges while any

  shooting is in progress.
- Being under the influence of drugs of

  alcohol while shooting is prohibited.
- All ranges are closed to other

  shooters while an organized shooting 

  event is in progress.
- Clean up all brass/casings and 

  targets.  Leave the range as clean or 

  cleaner than you found it.
- Only members can use the ranges.  

  Guest(s) may accompany a member 

  to the range only once.  After that one

  time, guest(s) must become a member.
- Handguns only on the pistol range.
- Proof of membership is required when 

  using any of the ranges.
Violation of Rules

Any unsafe practices or any violation of club rules will be brought before the club’s officers, directors and/or membership for disciplinary action.


Livingston County

League (2023):


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Road Runner (2023):

Practice Times:

Every Wednesday 9-Noon

Every Saturday 9-Noon

     (unless other scheduled event-See Calendar)


8355 Hudson Road,  Springwater, NY, United States




Wayland-Cohocton Central School (WCCS) students completed their 2022 spring trap shooting season with a first-place win in their conference. The conference comprised nine middle/high schools in NY state. Nearby schools in the same conference were Warsaw, Wellsville, Red Jacket and Trumansburg. Fourteen WCCS students participated in the ten-week program, sponsored by the USA and NY Clay Target League, at the Springwater Rod & Gun Club (SR&GC). There were 114 schools and 1500 students participating throughout NY state in 14 conferences. The program taught safe shotgun handling, trap shooting skills, marksmanship, team building, ethical behavior and respect, while promoting a fun environment. Instruction and coaching were provided by both WCCS and SR&GC, with parent attendance and community support at all the shoots.

Teresa Cicora earned first place overall average for the season in WCCS’s conference and female second high average in the state. Wyatt Mastin placed first in the conference male category and Zeke Wise third, with both also making the top 100 all-state team. Cole Snyder and Mattie Deusenbery were awarded trophies for WCCS middle school high averages and Cicora and Mastin for high school. Trophies were also presented to Hailey Martin and Dillin Quakenbush for most improved. Six perfect scores of 25 straight were shot by Cicora, Mastin, Wise, and Joe O’Neil throughout the season. All the NY conferences and school teams will meet in Cicero, NY on June 26-27 for the State Championship Shoot.

The school and club thank everyone for their hard work and donations in making the program a success and a rewarding experience for all participants.


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