- Practice all gun safety rules.
- No Exploding Targets.
- Eye & ear protection required.
- No alcohol on ranges while any

  shooting is in progress.
- Being under the influence of drugs of

  alcohol while shooting is prohibited.
- All ranges are closed to other

  shooters while an organized shooting 

  event is in progress.
- Clean up all brass/casings and 

  targets.  Leave the range as clean or 

  cleaner than you found it.
- Only members can use the ranges.  

  Guest(s) may accompany a member 

  to the range only once.  After that one

  time, guest(s) must become a member.
- Handguns only on the pistol range.
- Proof of membership is required when 

  using any of the ranges.
Violation of Rules

Any unsafe practices or any violation of club rules will be brought before the club’s officers, directors and/or membership for disciplinary action.



The Rifle Range boasts 16 covered concrete bench firing points out to a range of 185 yards to the back wall. Portable steel target stands are scattered throughout, with the target backers located behind the benches.

We ask that you return the backers, and not leave them out in the weather. You will need a stapler or push pins to affix your targets.

The Rifle Range is CLOSED during ANY sanctioned shooting event (Rifle, Pistol or Trap---see Club Calendar).

Use the links to the right for more information about each Rifle Range shooting event.

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